Dual Electric Breast Pump

MOQ: 500

Price Range : From $30

Compact. Lightweight motor: Fits easily into purse or tote bages

2-Phase Expression technology: Resembles a baby’s nursing rhythm

Easy-to-use vacuum controls: Let you choose your most comfortable pump setting

All parts that come into contact with breast milk are made without BPA: Safe for you and your baby


Dual Electric Breast Pump

double breast pump

Dual Electric Breast Pump Specification:

Vacuum: Stimulate mode: Approx. -60~-130mmHg

Expression mode: Approx. -60~-250mmHg

Vacuum Levels: 10 Levels

Cycles Per Minute: Stimulate mode: 100 C.P.M.

Expression mode: 29~73 C.P.M.

Breastshield Sizes: 24mm (27mm optional)

Power Source: 12V, 1000mA

Additional Function: Automatic Power-Off, Automatic storage of the last vacuum level settings

Unit Weight: Approx. 400g (Excluding battery)

Unit Dimensions: 129 x 129 x 55mm (L x W x H)

Classification: Internal Powered Equipment, Type BF

Dual Electric Breast Pump Features:

  • BPA Free Material
  • FDA Approved
  • Low-voice Working
  • Save time and effort and free your hands.
  • Automatically adjust the suction.
  • The suction is constant, there is no phenomenon of high and low.
  • The moving parts are completely sealed, and the cleaning is simple. It is only necessary to clean the parts that contact the milk when cleaning.

Types and Characteristics of Breast Pumps:

The breast pump has two types: Electric type and Manual type. The manual type breast pump is divided into a pressing type, a simple rubber ball suction method and a syringe type;

The electric type breast pump can stimulate the milk array and the non-irritating milk array, and is also divided into a single pump and a double pump.


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