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Why the baby should use thermometer baby to check the fever temperature ?

thermometer baby

thermometer baby

As the weather is uncertain, it’s very easy for the baby to get fever temperature. Especially for the baby who is not able to express their feeling. Being as their parents, we should obsess the ablity to figure out whether the baby’s body temperature is normal or at fever.

Consequently, we should prepare a thermometer baby at home, as long as the baby seems to be uncomfortable, we should use the thermometer baby to check the fever temperature at once. By doing that, it could provide us the accurate information of baby’s health status. If the baby’s temperature is in fever, we should go to the hospistal for asking the help of doctors to provide the professional advice and medicine.

The Type of Thermometer:

From the material of the thermometer, it can be divided into a glass mercury thermometer, an electronic thermometer, an infrared thermometer, an forehead temperature sticker, and the like. The methods of measurement are the underarm, forehead, ear canal, oral cavity and rectum. The temperature measured by each thermometer is different, and the body temperature of different parts also has different fever standards. Therefore, we should give the baby the correct temperature according to the baby’s habits and the accuracy of the thermometer.

Not Recommended:  Mercury Thermometer

1. The glass mercury thermometer is the most common one we use. It can measure the temperature of the lower jaw and can also be used to measure the temperature in the mouth and rectum. The temperature under the arm is usually considered to be a fever at more than 37 degrees Celsius, while the standard for fever in the mouth and rectum is more than 38 degrees Celsius (more than 37.5 degrees Celsius for older children). In general, the measured temperature is still very standard. Need to be reminded that children under the age of 5 are not recommended to measure oral and rectal temperatures. Because the child is too small, the thermometer is easy to be bitten in the mouth, not only will hurt the child, the leaked mercury will hurt the child more. When measuring the rectal temperature, the strength of the force and the depth of the insertion are not easy to grasp, and it is also dangerous.

Recommended: Electronic Thermometer Baby

 2. The electronic thermometer baby is very convenient to use, the measurement time is short, and the result can be produced in about one minute. It is more suitable for a baby who is loved or unwilling to use a glass thermometer. Therefore, moms and dads should master the basal body temperature measured by this body temperature. For example, the child’s normal body temperature is 36.5 degrees Celsius. However, the basic body temperature of the electronic thermometer has become 37 degrees Celsius. After knowing the difference in body temperature, when we measure the body temperature for the baby, we will have a score in our hearts.

July 26, 2019

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