Most Frequent Questions and Answers

1st Step:

Install the forehead cap. Press the Power Button to switch on the thermometer and the display is activated to show all segments.

2nd Step:

After self-checking appears on the display screen with beeps, so you can start a new measurement. Place the probe with the forehead cap fitted on the temple.

3rd Step:

Press the START button to start measurement.Move the thermometer smoothly over the forehead to the other temple and back. The measured value appears on the display and the end of the measuring is signalled by a short beep.

4th Step:

To prolong battery life, press the Power Button to turn unit off after testing is complete.  If no action is taken, the unit will automatically shut off after around 1minutes.

Store the thermometer in its protective case.

1st Step: Press the assembled pump body against your breast. Make sure that your nipple is centered.Hold the breastshield onto your breast with your thumb and index finger. Support your breast with the palm of your hand.Press the power button,the breast pump automatically starts up in stimulation mode as per preset level and the stimulation indicator lights up. If the the breast bump used before without cut off power supply,the breast bump will express at last set suction level.

2nd Step: Once your milk starts flowing, please press the “Stimulation/Expression” button to enter into expression mode. You can switch the stimulation mode and expression mode by press the “Stimulation/Expression” button as per your requirement. If no action is taken during stimulation mode, after two minutes, the pump will automatically change to the expression mode.

3rd Step: Depending on your own personal comfort, you can press the “+” or “-” button to adjust the suction level. Long press the button can help you adjust the level quicker. Close the bottle with a lid after pumping.Disassemble and clean the parts that contact breast and milk.

Step 1: Install the batteries.

Step 2: Remove clothing from the wrsit area.

Step 3: Rest for several minutes prior to testing. Wrap cuff around left or right wrist.

Step 4: Press”START/STOP” button to start testing.

Step 1 Wrap cuff around arm.

Step 2 Press “START/STOP” button to start testing the blodd pressure.

Step 3 Waiting until the screen shows the value.

Step 4 Memory check, please press “M” button to view the previous records.

1st Step: With meter off or in setting mode and memory mode, insert a test strip to enter into testing mode. Each time the meter powers on, this full screen briefly appears so that you can make sure the display is working properly. 

2nd Step: The code with date and time will briefly appear after the system check screen, so that you can make sure your meter is set to the correct code.The blood drop symbol flashes on the display screen. Your meter is now ready to apply blood sample.

3nd Step: Apply sample, Gently touch the channel to the edge of the blood drop. Note: Discard the first drop of blood. Do Not smear or scrape the drop of blood with the test strip. Do Not apply more blood to the test strip after you have moved the drop of blood away. Do Not move the test strip in the meter during a test. Wait for the confirmation window to fill completely The blood drop will be drawn into the narrow channel and the confirmation window should fill completely. When the confirmation window is full, this means you have applied enough blood. Now you can move the test strip away from the blood drop and wait for the meter to count down from 5 to 1with 2 beep sounds indicating the end of test.

4th Step: Read the result Your blood glucose level appears on the display, along with the unit of measure, the date and time of the test. Blood glucose results are automatically stored in the meter’s memory.

5th Step:

Delete the memory

If you don’t want to keep the test result, press “M” button to delete it. After memory cleared, the meter will display “dEL” for aprrox. 3 minutes, and then automatically turn off. 

For the wedocareu healthcare products, we provide 12 months warranty from the shipment date.